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Teaching with Technology


Suggested Reading: Online Learning


Distance Learning FAQ: Solving Teachers’ and Students’ Common Problems

Emelina Minero, 2020

Finding Reputable Online Resources for Distance Learning

Howard Rosenberg, 2020

How to Make Effective Videos for Learning


How to Improve Distance Learning for Students with IEPs

Kathryn Welby, 2020

How to be an Interactive Teacher: 20 Interactive Lesson Activities

Ruben Knapen, 2018

Online Classroom Management: Five Tips for Making the Shift

Jeff Lisciandrello, 2020

6 Tips for Mentoring New Teachers During Distance Learning Classroom

Annie Weinberg, 2020

3D Printing Gains Popularity in the Classroom

Trisha Roffey and Nicole Lakusta, 2020

Anatomy of a Makerspace: A Space for Innovation, Creativity and Collaborative Problem-Solving

Trisha Roffey, 2020

Exploring the Tools of the Profession: Current Information Related to Technology in Education

ATA Educational Technology Council (ETCATA)

The View from Across the Desk

Valerie Steeves, 2020

6 Tips for Teaching Online and in Person Simultaneously

Amy Crook and Travis Crook, 2020


The Blended and Virtual Learning Frontier Special Report: Report from the Center for Digital Education and Converge

Centre for Digital Education, 2012

Schools everywhere are grappling with the vast new frontier of blended and virtual learning. This special report provides clear definitions of terms related to blended and virtual learning as well as ideas for education leaders of what is being done in this new frontier.

Find The Blended and Virtual Learning Frontier Special Report at the ATA Library

Creating the Anywhere, Anytime Classroom: A Blueprint for Learning Online in Grades K–12

Casey Reason, Lisa Reason and Crystal Guiler, 2017, Solution Tree Press

This book illustrates how to enhance student learning in online and blended-learning classrooms, offering guidance on the steps K–12 teachers can take to facilitate online learning and maximize student growth using digital tools. Practical suggestions, tips and examples are included in each chapter.

The author offers the opportunity for readers to use technology tools to foster digitally enhanced learning; understand the benefits of online learning and its advantages over traditional learning; effectively facilitate digital learning experiences; assist students to adopt growth mindsets and productively engage with each other online; and explore the challenges and opportunities that teaching online offers.

Find Creating the Anywhere, Anytime Classroom at the ATA Library

Teaching on the Education Frontier: Instructional Strategies for the Online and Blended Classrooms (Grades 5–12)

Kristin Kipp, 2013, Jossey Bass

This guide incorporates lessons from the author’s own online teaching experience as well as insights and tips from colleagues across the field. The book features step-by-step guidance on facilitating an online class, including recommendations for creating a syllabus, organizing your course, setting the pacing and accessing student data; strategies for building relationships with virtual students and keeping them engaged; advice on how to be involved in online discussions and how to deepen the learning with quality posts and prompts; an introduction to teaching synchronous sessions and webinars; advice for providing in-depth, meaningful feedback to students and ideas for making yourself available as an instructor; and guidance on ways to achieve a positive work–life balance while working from home or on a flexible schedule.

Find Teaching on the Education Frontier at the ATA Library