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Classroom Management


Procedures and Routines to Teach, Rehearse and Reinforce

It is important that structures be in place that facilitate transitions and create a sense of what is expected. If students know what the procedures are, potential disruptions are minimized and a sense of orderliness prevails.

Be proactive early in the year in thinking about how students will need to behave. Spend time teaching students how to make transitions, come to attention, and respond during class activities. Procedures are of formally stated rules, but are nonetheless important ways to create a sense of order and safety.

Types of Procedures
  1. Entry and exit
  2. Quiet signal
  3. Attending to the teacher
  4. Arriving late
  5. What to do with homework
  6. Sharpening a pencil
  7. Handing in work
  8. Where to find due dates and exam/quiz dates
  9. Finding missing assignments
  10. Changing classrooms
  11. Requesting assistance
  12. Borrowing materials
  13. Using the washroom
  14. Handing out materials
  15. Finishing work early
  16. What to do if you are not there
  17. Finding make-up work
  18. Collecting papers
  19. Personal technology