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The Lineup—29 Ways to Get Students in a Row

Line up if you have

  1. a tooth missing, two teeth, three, four;
  2. aqua as your favorite colour, violet, maroon, peach;
  3. a T-shirt on, short sleeves, long sleeves;
  4. a ribbon in your hair, a watch on your left hand, a ring, a necklace;
  5. a z in your name, an f or a q;
  6. a short vowel in your name, a long vowel;
  7. a birthday in January, February, March;
  8. been to the circus, a rodeo, the zoo;
  9. runners on, boots, socks;
  10. two persons in your family, three, four;
  11. a pet dog. cat, bird, fish, turtle, horse;
  12. seen the movie Toy Story;
  13. striped socks on, pink socks, brown socks;
  14. taken dance lessons, Judo, swimming, voice, piano, guitar, flute lessons;
  15. visited other provinces: Manitoba, Nova Scotia;
  16. participated in a wedding party;
  17. flown in an airplane, a helicopter, an air balloon, sailed, motorcycled;
  18. gone snow skiing, water skiing, snorkelling;
  19. cooked hotdogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies, cakes;
  20. helped mow grass, wash the car, clean the kitchen;
  21. performed in a musical, a play, sports activity for an audience;
  22. moved to a new neighborhood, town, city, province country;
  23. brought back your library books today, yesterday; will bring tomorrow;
  24. walked to school, ridden the bus, the subway, driven with a parent or friend;
  25. been polite to a friend, teacher, sibling today;
  26. brown eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes;
  27. been to a hospital for a tonsillectomy, broken bones, to visit a friend;
  28. written a poem, story, song, play;
  29. stood on your head, played tag, skipped rope, hung on the monkey bar, raced on your skateboard.