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Classroom Management


Establishing Routines

Proactive teachers tend to have routines set up in the classroom to avoid potentially challenging situations. The ideas noted below are intended for elementary (E), junior high (JH) and secondary (S) schools.

Potential Challenging Situations


Possible solution: For younger students, seat students in alphabetical order (E). For older students, take attendance while students are working (JH, S).

Clear directions

Possible solution: Written sequence displayed on interactive whiteboard (E, JH, S).

Entering class

Possible solutions: Task each morning (E).

Finish work early

Possible solutions: Have suggestions on board / poster (E, J, S). Enrichment activity stations (E, JH, S).

Handing out/collecting papers

Possible solutions: Group monitor (E, JH). Numbered papers (E, JH, S). Colour-coded organization bins.

Homework assignments

Possible solutions: Homework agendas (E, JH). Post homework online(E, JH, S). Calendar reminders on interactive whiteboard (E, JH, S).

Lineups (leaving and returning to class as a group)

Possible solutions: By number (E). In alphabetical order (E). Wearing colour blue line up first (E). Egg timer—quickly and quietly (E).

Notes, homework in

Possible solution: Class list—child checks off (E, JH).

Seating arrangement

Possible solution: Proximity, easy to establish (E, JH, S).

Signal for attention

Possible solution: Clap song/chants, lights, bell (E), nonverbal cues (E ,JH, S).

Supplies missing

Possible solutions: Loaners—fluorescent marked. Extra supplies on hand (E, JH, S).


Possible solutions: Songs, rap (E). Have students repeat instructions back to you (E).

Washroom protocol

Possible solutions: Sign in, sign out (E, JH). Bathroom pass (E, JH).