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Classroom Management


Signals to Begin

  • Write a couple of leading words on the board—for example, quote of the day
  • Whisper directions
  • Joke of the day
  • Move to a designated place—for example,  on carpet
  • Message on interactive whiteboard
  • Enthusiastic reinforcement for the positive behaviour
  • Bell or chimes
  • Ten-second countdown on interactive whiteboard
  • Nonverbal signals
  • Flick lights
  • Lights out—movement, change of mood
  • Direct attention to agenda on interactive whiteboard
  • Moving to a specific chair to change activities
  • Model signal
  • Music playing—turn it off
  • Simon says
  • Meet at door
  • Stand and wait
  • Attendance
  • Close door and do homework check
  • Take up a certain stance in a particular place
  • "May I have your attention, please?"
  • Electronic time clock