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Classroom Management


Checkpoints for Good Organization

One of the key factors in establishing a strong management program is good organization. The following questions and others are checkpoints for good classroom organization.

  1. Are you well prepared? Do you have a Plan B?
  2. Have you planned for differentiated instruction (strategies and techniques)?
  3. Have you set up your lesson materials ahead of time?
  4. Have you used the Smart Board before the lesson begins?
  5. Do you maintain a good supervisory view over the classroom setting?
  6. Do you give clear directions and use effective procedures?
  7. Do you set challenging but realistic expectations?
  8. Do you ensure appropriate timing for different parts of the lesson?
  9. Have you planned for when students complete their tasks early?
  10. If needed, do you attend to quick but effective individual assistance?
  11. How do you recognize student understanding/success?