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Classroom Management


Classroom Management: Effective Strategies

The key to good management is not how you discipline challenging students; it lies in what you do to provide a productive, positive learning environment and prevent potential problems.

While a classroom management system must fit the students and teacher, some practices appear to be consistently successful. Provided below are strategies that effective teachers typically employ:

  1. The teacher communicates expectations and high standards while emphasizing student responsibility.
  2. Classroom rules are few; however, they are clearly articulated, flexible and sensible.
  3. Housekeeping and other frequent activities have been routinized.
  4. Seating, materials and equipment have been efficiently organized.
  5. Classroom behaviour is continuously monitored.
  6. Students receive feedback on the appropriateness of their classroom behaviour.
  7. Appropriate classroom behaviour is recognized through praise and other means.
  8. Measured consequences for behaviour are clearly defined, and rules and procedures consistently enforced.
  9. Provisions for dealing with disruptive students are established and implemented.
  10. The classroom atmosphere is positive, productive and goal oriented.
  11. The teacher uses signals to get student attention and initiate activities.
  12. The teacher scans the room to pinpoint student behaviour in need of attention.
  13. The teacher models respect and consideration for others.