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Fostering Effective Relationships


Communicating with Parents/Guardians

When we communicate with parents/guardians, an underlying feeling should be respect.

  • Respect for the knowledge and expertise that each party brings. Parents and guardians have a lot of information about their child that can help teachers.
  • Respect for the role parents and guardians play in raising and educating their child. They play a large part in the social and emotional growth of the child, and teachers need to respect and value the education a child receives at home.
  • Respect that every parent/guardian care for their children.

As a student teacher you may be invited to attend a parent–teacher interview during your field experience. Take this opportunity to observe and reflect on this unique experience. Successful interviews don’t just happen. Your cooperating teacher has spent time preparing and planning to ensure that the goal in communicating the current progress of their child as well as identifying future achievable goals collaboratively with parents/guardians and the student are achieved. The importance of developing a collaborative relationship cannot be overstated.