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Collection of maker space building items and laptop computer around a person's hands building a robot.

Teaching with Technology

This section offers teachers opportunities to further their knowledge of technology resources to enhance student learning in blended and online classrooms. It also features ideas to facilitate digital learning experiences through the exploration of innovative, creative and collaborative technology tools while adapting management skills for a virtual environment. Teaching in a virtual space in a pandemic also provides its own unique opportunities and challenges for preservice teachers.

Online Learning Resources

The Association PD Program area has compiled several online technology resources which are available by accessing this link. Additional technology resources are available as well.

Pandemic Challenges Teaching Online

The pandemic has brought its own unique set of challenges and opportunities  for preservice teachers, who pivoted from a face-to-face university learning landscape to online learning while working collaboratively with their cooperating teachers in their field experience. The resources found here respond to the needs of this demographic, providing tips, strategies and suggestions.