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Fostering Effective Relationships


Achieving a Sense of Personal Confidence

1)  Assist in making choices and decisions
  • Identify with students the options and resources available.
  • Provide options and alternatives in the classroom (that is, list choices).
  • Students vote, students brainstorm for things they could do for “champion” of the week and follow through with choices.
2)  Provide encouragement and support
  • Help students analyze progress being made.
  • Help students see new options when they are challenged.
  • Encourage students to monitor their own progress.
3)  Aid students in developing autonomy
  • Provide feedback for self-assessment.
  • Reduce dependence on adults.
  • Teach how to use resources effectively (printed material, online resources and so on).
4)  Provide recognition and rewards
  • Move from extrinsic to intrinsic rewards.
  • Use individual reward systems rather than class rewards.
  • Help students experience feeling of accomplishment and success.