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List of Recommended Books

Teach Like a Pirate: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity and Transform Your Life as an Educator

Dave Burgess, Dave Burgess Consulting

This popular book offers inspiration, practical techniques and innovative ideas that will help you increase your student engagement, boost your creativity and transform your life as an educator. A must-read for cooperating teachers and student teachers alike. This book will help all teachers to

  • tap into their passion as a teacher, even when they are less than excited about a subject;
  • develop creative presentations that capture their students’ interest;
  • establish a rapport and a sense of camaraderie in their classroom; and
  • transform their classroom into a life-changing experience for their students.

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Heart! Fully Forming Your Professional Life as Teacher and Leader

Timothy Kanold, Solution Tree

This publication and its accompanying workshop ask teachers to consider, through self-reflection, how they can develop the heart for the education profession. This means finding happiness in their work by engaging in meaningful alliances and by using intelligent thought and wisdom to take focused risks. The five-part book presents the concept of “heartprint,” the distinctive impression that an educator leaves on students and colleagues.

K–12 teachers and leaders will

  • examine the five unique aspects that make up the HEART of a professional life: happiness, engagement, alliances, risk and thought;
  • answer essential questions that will help them understand their distinctive heartprint;
  • gain wisdom and profound insights from dozens of teachers and thought leaders;
  • journal throughout the book to ponder the heartprint they have left on the people in their lives and professional experiences; and
  • explore outside print and online resources that can teach them more about what it means to have HEART in education.

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Teach Like Yourself: How Authentic Teaching Transforms Our Students and Ourselves

Gravity Goldberg, Corwin

We know that students learn more from teachers they trust and with whom they have a strong relationship. Students can’t form strong relationships with teachers that are not showing up as their true selves. To stop this cycle, teachers do not need fads, quick fixes or a magic bullet-style “kit” curriculum. Instead, we need a deep sense of self, a confidence in our practice and the freedom to show up as ourselves. Goldberg presents five practices for teaching like yourself:

  • Name your core beliefs.
  • View your teaching as a practice.
  • Build balanced relationships.
  • Drive professional growth.
  • Take care of yourself.

Find Teach Like Yourself at the ATA Library

Reclaiming Our Calling: Hold On to the Heart, Mind and Hope of Education

Brad Gustafson, Impress

This book is built on the belief that meaningful change happens when we do two things well:

  1. Hold on to the passions of the profession.
  2. Embrace the moral foundation of teaching.

Gustafson identifies four passions––moral foundation, heart, mind and hope––and explains that these four passions reflect the past, present and future potential for our profession. His book centres on stories that he hopes awaken the essential passions in the readers. “The stories serve as a connective tissue between the work we love and the changes we would like to see.”

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Unleash Talent: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and the Learners You Serve

Kara Welty, Impress

Educator and principal Kara Welty explains that “by exploring the core elements of talent, passion, skills and personality traits, you can uncover your gifts and help others do the same.” She focuses on the importance of reflection and discovery, and invites readers to consider their own beliefs, values, perspectives and talents:

  • Why we should bring our passions to work
  • How we can draw out and build on existing skills
  • Why we should embrace our unique and varied personality traits

Children and adult learners alike have special talents just waiting to be unleashed and, through inspirational stories and thought-provoking questions, teachers can become active participants in their reading journey.

Find Unleash Talent at the ATA Library

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