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Professional Development

As teachers are central to meeting the goals of education, career-long professional learning and development opportunities, supported by all partners, increase the potential for Alberta teachers to meet the goals of a rapidly changing learner demographic.

Initial teacher education is but the beginning; teachers require an ongoing program of professional growth to meet the ever-changing demands. A program of continuous professional development that incorporates the principles of sound research into professional practice is a key factor in the change process for education and as such is an important part of the ATA program of service to its members, including preservice teachers.

The Alberta Teachers' Association defines professional development as the wide range of programs, activities and services that teachers identify and undertake individually or collectively to further understand the nature of teaching and learning, enhance professional practice and contribute to the profession.

Books for Professional Development

The ultimate goal of professional development is to improve professional practice. Research demonstrates that effective professional development needs to be content rich, contextual, relevant, ongoing and related to practice. Books, articles, videos, webcasts, blogs—all offer insight into teaching practice.

Building Your Professional Development Portfolio

Professional development portfolios provide opportunities for student teachers to demonstrate growth over time in their academic journey. Although initially created to secure employment, professional development eportfolios are now used to reflect, showcase achievements and forecast professional growth throughout a preservice teacher’s induction and teaching career.