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Teacher Wellness

Articles on Teacher Wellness

Teacher Wellness: Hitting a Wall?

Explore self-care strategies to battle teacher burnout, and rediscover your inner superhero to bring excitement and creativity back into your classroom.  

How to Balance Remote Teaching as a Teacher-Student

Resilient Educator

Wellness for Educators: Wellness Library

Creative Caring for Teachers

School Mental Health Is Not Just for Students: Why Teacher and School Staff Wellness Matters

Effect of Wellness Dance on Health-Related Physical Fitness of Teacher Trainees

Second-Hand Harm: When Teacher Well-Being Suffers, So Do Teacher–Student Relationships

Compassion Fatigue: The Silent Thief in Our Schools

Caring Without Tiring: Dealing with Compassion Fatigue Burnout in Teaching

Wellbeing Education for Educators

Cultivating Social and Emotional Wellness in Teachers and Students Through SEL and Mindfulness-Based Interventions: A Course for Pre-Service Teachers

School Leaders Experiencing Moral Distress and Exhaustion

ATA Magazine, Fall 2019, 100, no 1

Ambiguous but Gaining Momentum

ATA Magazine, Winter 2020, 100, no 2

Stress, Retirement and Gratitude

Articles from the ATA Magazine covering topics from how to mind your stress, thinking about retirement and how practising gratitude can aid in mental health. ATA Magazine, Winter 2021, 101, no 2

Making Time for You and Setting Boundaries on After-hours Communication

Articles from the ATA Magazine covering wellness topics such as self-care and professional boundaries. ATA Magazine, Fall 2020, 101, no 1

Oh Captain, My Captain Self! Seven Steps Toward Taking the Helm of Your Own Ship

ATA Magazine, Winter 2020, 100, no 2

Mind Your Body

ATA Magazine, Fall 2019, 100, no 1

Mental Health a Changing Landscape

ATA Magazine, Winter 2018, 99, no 2

Well-Being Through Connectedness

ATA Magazine, Spring 2018, 98, no 3

Creating a Compassionate Classroom

ATA, 2015

Work-Life Balance and the Canadian Teaching Profession

B Froese-Germain, Canadian Teachers’ Federation, July 2014

How Can One Create Safe, Caring and Inclusive Educational Environments for LGBT Students and Teachers?

In Schools, Finding Hope at a Hopeless Time

Edutopia, Nora Fleming, March 26, 2021

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) Begins With the Teacher

Edutopia, Nicole Flynn, April 6, 2021