Student Teacher


The Six Teaching Quality Standards Competencies Through the Eyes of Student Teachers

Competencies and Descriptive Statements Associated with EDUC 465, Field Experience II

1. Pre-service Teacher Presence, Growth and Professionalism

A teacher understands their role and the responsibilities accompanying it to be collaborative, collegial and responsive.

"As a pre-service teacher in EDUC 465, I consistently demonstrate willingness and an emerging ability to connect with and develop appropriate professional relationships with students, school staff and those I work with from the University of Calgary. I acknowledge that the professionals I am working with are experts in their field and I am eager to learn from them by taking on opportunities to teach and by becoming involved in the life of the school. Additionally, I show a willingness to learn by requesting, accepting and incorporating feedback from my partner teacher and field experience instructor in a respectful and professional manner. I know the importance of professionalism and will demonstrate exemplary professional conduct as per the ATA Code of Conduct and the Werklund School of Education Code of Conduct. I find constructive ways to handle any issue that might arise. I consistently demonstrate that I am able to be self-reflective and that I can use reflection for improvement. I am beginning to implement a strong yet caring respectful command of the classroom through the use of my voice and my interaction with students, although I may need guidance and suggestions from others. I understand that I am still learning and that those I am learning from may have additional requirements of me."

2. Fostering Effective Relationships

A teacher builds positive and productive relationships with students, parents/guardians, peers and others in the school and local community to support student learning.

"As a pre-service teacher in EDUC 465, I consistently treat others with fairness, respect and integrity. I am able to demonstrate empathy and a concern for others that is evidenced in the way I interact with them. I am able to demonstrate, through my interactions with others, a respect for cultural diversity and intercultural understanding. I understand the importance of engaging with others including parents, Indigenous leaders and community service professionals, in the best interests of students, and I am willing to work under my partner teacher and others in the school, as requested, to provide students with these opportunities."

3. Engaging in Career-Long Learning

A teacher engages in career-long professional learning and ongoing critical reflection to improve teaching and learning.

"As a pre-service teacher in EDUC 465, I consistently seek out feedback to enhance my teaching practice and I implement this feedback so that I might experience multiple ways of connecting with children. I am willing to collaborate with others to build my personal and collective professional capacities because I understand that, in doing so, I will build my capacity to ensure student success in a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe environment."

4. Demonstrating a Professional Body of Knowledge

A teacher applies a current and comprehensive repertoire of effective planning, instruction, and assessment practices to meet the learning needs of every student.

"As a pre-service teacher in EDUC 465, I am developing an emerging ability to plan and design learning activities for children that address the learning outcomes and goals outlined in the relevant programs of study. I am demonstrating an ability to plan individual lessons and short series of lessons, although I acknowledge I am learning and may require assistance initially. If so, I will work towards lessening the assistance required by the end of my placement. In planning these lessons, I will incorporate various instructional strategies and I will work to design activities that are varied, engaging and relevant to my students. I will use technology as appropriate and I will demonstrate my emerging ability to integrate appropriate pacing and an awareness of student engagement. I will demonstrate my emerging ability to implement formative assessment and, possibly with assistance, I will examine the ways in which that assessment evidence can inform future lessons."

5. Establishing Inclusive Learning Environments

A teacher establishes, promotes and sustains inclusive learning environments where diversity is embraced and every student is welcomed, cared for, respected and safe.

"As a pre-service teacher in EDUC 465, I consistently embrace and promote a culture of inclusion where students, school staff and others I interact with are treated fairly and with respect. I articulate and demonstrate a philosophy of education that states all children can learn and be successful."

6. Adhering to Legal Frameworks and Policies

A teacher demonstrates an understanding of and adherence to the legal frameworks and policies that provide the foundations for the Alberta education system.

"As a pre-service teacher in EDUC 465, I follow the lead of those I am working with to ensure I am responding in accordance with the requirements of the School Act and other school policies and procedures. I demonstrate my understanding through my interactions with others that a teacher is bound by standards of conduct expected of a caring, knowledgeable and reasonable adult entrusted with the custody, care or education of students."