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Cooperating Teacher


Reflection Strategies

A definition

“Reflection, as a thoughtful and a caring act, goes to the heart of the instructional relationship. It is not only a tool of skilled practice, but the feeling that helps educators to teach effectively and intelligently rather than unthinkingly, dogmatically or prejudicially” (p 11).

“Reflection is an essential part of developing expertise and increasing one’s pedagogical skills. As you come into your own as a professional educator, it is imperative that you reflect on what’s working, what’s not working, and why—for both you and your students” (p 11).

A Cooperating Teacher’s Reflection
After having had 21 student teachers as partners with me in my classroom, the last and 22nd appeared. She was bright, very confident, strong, quick in absorbing details, both small and large, an excellent role model in the classroom. She was, in short, a standout!

The Friday before we parted prior to her taking over the major part of the teaching assignment, I left her with these words. “Katherine, I so look forward to Monday. As I observe your lessons, I prepare to be dazzled.” I had no idea as to the amount of pressure that I had put upon this young woman. She told me later, she was overcome with the word “dazzle.” She went through some angst. She had my phone number, but decided not to call. Here I was, a seasoned professional. How could I have unwittingly applied such pressure? (May 2019)