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Student Teacher Orientation Kit

Orientations can take the form of a binder or an online folder specifically designed for each individual school. Cooperating teachers can add to the orientation kit during the year. It should be reviewed and updated yearly.

Orientation Kit Sample Contents
  • Map of the school (with fire exits)
  • Jurisdiction and school calendars with important dates indicated such as progress reports and conferences, professional development days, holidays, and so on
  • School timetable, including any alternate timetables
  • Staff lists with professional contact information and assignments
  • Fire drill procedures
  • Emergency lockdown procedures
  • Supervision map and staff roster
  • Building security and accessing the school after hours
  • Copies of relevant school policies
  • Staff handbook (link)
  • Student handbook (link)
  • School mission/vision statement
  • Jurisdictional goals
  • Student evaluation procedures and reporting guidelines
  • Assessment information, including a variety of authentic formative and summative assessment tools and samples
  • Location of student records: medical information (for example, especially severe allergies); cumulative folders
  • Student attendance procedures
  • Student marks program
  • Jurisdictional staff directory information, including the names and job descriptions of support personnel
  • The ATA local directory
  • Addresses of important websites: Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA), Alberta Education, LearnAlberta and the Alberta Assessment Consortium (AAC)
  • Planning templates
  • Accident reporting procedures
  • Field trip approval and consent forms
  • Extracurricular policy
  • Use of school and jurisdiction technology
  • The location of important materials: media carts, photocopiers, art supplies, computers, iPads, tablets and so on
  • Instructions regarding access to professional materials and resources
  • Information on working with parent volunteers and teacher assistants (see the ATA's publication, Teachers and Educational Assistants: Roles and Responsibilities. The publication is also available in French.)
  • Information on classroom budget
  • Parking allocations
  • Staff room expectations
  • Guidelines for professional decorum, including attire
  • Information on beverage (coffee, water) and social funds