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What do Millennials Need from Their School Leaders

The following is reprinted with permission from Abrams (2018).

  1. Just in time support
  2. Quick response with ample information
  3. Specificity in details
  4. Want to be able to ask questions and get clarification (Abrams and von Frank 2016)(for example, what do you mean by differentiation, inclusivity?)
  5. Clarity in expectations pertaining to policies (for example, use of social media)
  6. Want a key contact person (in this case, the cooperating teacher)
  7. Want immediate access to technology (for example, digital tools, software programs for instructional use, access to training in grading and communication systems for students and families)
  8. Want clarity on (school and jurisdiction) policies up front
  9. Want to be informed about school’s social media, Internet and e-mail policies (legal aspects, for example, Can I post selfies with my students? Do I need a separate Twitter handle? What permissions do I need? )
  10. Want clarity on roles and responsibilities for all tasks, big or small (checklists are helpful)
  11. Want access to new learning and opportunities sooner than later (for example, professional development opportunities, teacher observations, Twitter chats)
  12. Want on-site support (in this case cooperating teacher)—someone to listen, to question and collaborate with, which enhances connectedness and support.
  13. Want “meaningful” future employment: professional growth, socially conscious
  14. Prefer collaborative, team-based space led by coaches who guide and partner with staff to achieve goals (as opposed to command-and-control leaders overseeing employees)
  15. Want relevant onboarding and orientation aligned with their needs: valued practices and behaviours in classrooms, priorities regarding curriculum alignment, understanding of what it means to be a professional

For more information on this topic, see Profile of Millennial Teachers in the Factors Impacting Student Teaching section.